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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mikaela for Prez

Well, I've given it great thought and have finally decided to run for president. SO , the other day I got together with my Tamara and we chose my cabinet.This is the Capaighn ad I made...

IT is Time for Change... Again!

Mikaela Spaulding
for President of the United States
Hannah Montana for Vice President,
"I've got the best of both worlds!"
CoVices Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas,
"We've preformed at the White House. We've got experience"
Secretary of Defense: Batman
"I'm the Hero this country needs!"
Secretary of State: Mickey Mouse
"Set aside all discrimination. Put the mouse in the House!"

I can't miss with these guys! The Jonas bros will have to keep their fashion out of the white house. I can't stand those skin tight pants Joe wears. I'll probably end up kicking Hannah Montana out since she's a creeper,but other then that We'll rock!

well, that's all for now,


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Goat blues and blessings

Well it's that time of year. The excitement and anticipation as does get closer to kidding. The worry and sleepless nights of waiting up wondering if the doe is going to kid in the middle of the night. She is four days over due. It is this time of year when the I can look out my window and see the kids huddled together in the barn or frolicking in the lawn. It is this time of year when I start to stress about over crowding pens as I try to make room for the "keepers".
It's spring, it's kidding season and it's the time when I start to get the goat blues.
I love spring. It's my favorite time of year. I love having new kids. I love staying up late watching the does and waiting for the kids. It is exciting to see all the work I put into breeding schedules finally paying off after five long months.

However, the joys doesn't come without heartache and frustration. The other day a doe got herself stuck and we didn't find her until it was to late. It is always so sad and disappointing to loose a goat, or any pet really.It is what makes you think twice about owning animals. And then the new kids give me sweet kisses, my horse nickers a hello and the cat jumps into my lap begging for my attention, and it's alright. It is worth it. I can take the heartache if I can still have the joy.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Alright, this is my third attempt to post a not on my blog, so it isn't nearly as long as it should be!

I'm Mikaela and live on a farm in Norman Oklahoma were I raise dairy goats. I use the milk to make soap which I sell at farmer's markets and craft shows. I have really enjoyed developing this as my own personal buissnes. I enjoy getting to spend the special time with my mom, carting our soap around to sell at craft shows, and I love spending the timne with my dad, out in the barn milking goats, and pouring over pedigrees. Yes goats have pedigrees!

When I'm not milking, soaping, doing school or working around the farm,I like to hang out with friends, ride my horse and play sports. For awhile, I played soccer, but then I got a bad knee and hurt my ankle, so I had to stop. Now I'm playing Volley ball for a homeschooled club team, and I love it! I never would have considered volley ball a competitive and organized sport, but you'd better believe it is! lol

Oh, I'm a writer too! I'm already a twice published author and I'm working on editing my novel, The Prophecy. Hopefully it will be ready for publication by Christmas! I'll tell you more about my book once I've worked out some of the kinks.

X's O's and monkey toes,