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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I love food. Food is one of my most favorite things! Really, it is an obsession. I like to make it, smell it, eat it... whatever! I'm especially fond of baking and cooking. It is my job to feed our family. And I always enjoy coming up with new recipe. Perhaps my biggest success was chocolate oatmeal. I knew this was a hit when my little brother and sister (On seeing me mixing breakfast) began doing "the chocolate oatmeal dance". Think you Micheal Jackson/ Nepolian Dynamite. You can imagen their disapointment when they discover this particular morning we were having cream of wheat.

I get asked all the time what my favorite food is. Of course, you all know how that varies day to day, but after putting a lot of thought into it, I've decided these are my favorites for now :)

Breakfast: Waffles (It is an obsession.) Something about those butter filled crevices call to me!
Dinner: Pizza! I love thin crust pizza with peppers and tomatoes!
Snack: (Around here that is a fourth meal.) crackers with cheese and jelly! It's really good even though everyone thinks I'm weird.
Desert: (My very favorite meal!) Ice cream!! I really like it in a cone, or coldstone makes an icecream with brownies, fudge and cookie dough. That is pretty much awesome.
Oh, and my favorite thing to drink is coffee when it is cold outside (Vanilla Latte`s rock!) or Coke zero when I need the caffeine kick.
so there you go!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Spring is my favorite time of year! Or at least, one of them. Actually I like all times of year as long as it is not to cold or wet but that is beside the point. My favorite part of spring, besides the wonderful warm weather and green grass, besides the chickweed and blooming flowers,is the baby animals. Since I live on a farm, we have a lot of baby animals in the spring but my favorites are the goats. Baby goats are so great! They're cute, they're snugly and they are really friendly! So far, I've assisted in the birthing of 15 kids this spring and we're about half way finished with the "kidding season"! I've done a pretty good job of only keeping my very favorites this year... all 7 of them! Here are a few pictures of some of my "kids". I'll try and update the blog more often as the others are born :)

Monkey Brains

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

eggs anyone?

I live on a farm, and I've discovers that animals do some pretty weird things. Did you know that turkey's will drowned if left out in the rain. It's true. Stupid birds will turn their beaks up to catch raindrops and forget to swallow. Did you know that rabbits scream like little children and will try their hardest to scratch your eyes out with their cute little paws? They will if they think you are feeding them to the dogs!

A few weeks ago, I walked out to the chicken pen to try and collect eggs. Our chickens do not really lay eggs on any kind of a regular bases, and when they do, it is never in the chicken house, so my whole venture was foolhardy from the start. As I flipped the latch to go into the pen, I see a hairy white monstrosity poke his cute, guilty face out of the hen's house and pear guiltily in my direction, licking his long white beard frantically. Sam, my buck (or billy goat for you city folk) had managed to sneak into the chicken house and devour every last egg! Now, believe it or not, once I moved said woolly behemoth from said chicken pen, I actually started getting chicken eggs.

Two days ago, as I dragged my milking does in and out of the barn to feed them their breakfast, I noticed something odd. My most annoying doe, my doe who is always as the fence trying to get out (and usually succeeds) was nowhere to be found. Worried, I shoved past my hungry flock (herd?) of goats and went looking for her. As I rounded the corner, there she was, a yellow yolky mustache across her upper lip and a pile of cracked eggs as her hooves.

So was I surprised today when I entered the kids pen and found suspiciously gutted egg shells strewn around and a couple guilty looking kids? Ahh! I guess I can have eggs or I can have goats milk... if I feed my goats eggs do you think it makes the milk like an "eggnog"? Oh! if it does, do you think I could pour some chocolate syrup over their grain and get chocolate milk?!

just a thought

Monkey Brains