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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mikaela for Prez

Well, I've given it great thought and have finally decided to run for president. SO , the other day I got together with my Tamara and we chose my cabinet.This is the Capaighn ad I made...

IT is Time for Change... Again!

Mikaela Spaulding
for President of the United States
Hannah Montana for Vice President,
"I've got the best of both worlds!"
CoVices Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas,
"We've preformed at the White House. We've got experience"
Secretary of Defense: Batman
"I'm the Hero this country needs!"
Secretary of State: Mickey Mouse
"Set aside all discrimination. Put the mouse in the House!"

I can't miss with these guys! The Jonas bros will have to keep their fashion out of the white house. I can't stand those skin tight pants Joe wears. I'll probably end up kicking Hannah Montana out since she's a creeper,but other then that We'll rock!

well, that's all for now,



  1. Haha I love this. Umm Yeah he is from Bones but Its a long story of why I used his name. :-P Hey I like your blog.


  2. Well thank you Emily! I like your too, but you should really post more! lol It can be kinda hard coming up with something to write huh?

  3. Yeah I know. Thanks. I just need to sit down and write something.

    Still NO babies!


  4. Mikaela for Prez... thats a scary thought...

  5. You are so funny!

    Your Friend

  6. hey guys! I didn't know you all found my blog! That's cool! :D