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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Media Today

These are some paragraphs I wrote for school. Each week I am supposed to find two interesting stories and write a paragraph about them. This week my selection was especially weak. Enjoy!

This is Pathetic

Typically, all I have to do to find an interesting story is getting on the internet. I scan the headlines and find out what is going on in the world. Today however, the headlines read like this: “Jenifer Aniston opens up about divorce” and “NFL player caught using drugs”. Hello people, this is pathetic! We have a new president making huge changes in the White House. We’re in the middle of a war, and all we can think to write about is how pathetic our celebrities are? Come on America, grow up!

Aniston opens up about divorce

If you read my paragraph above you are probably dying to know, or at least curious, what I have to say on this subject. The truth is I have a lot to say! Jenifer Aniston and Brad Pitt should both grow up! Celebrity marriages are like bubbles in your bath water (I made that up on my own :). They don’t last. Unlike bubbles, we seem shocked when they don’t last. The worst part is we encourage it! Nobody would be interested in an article I might write about the disappearance of my bath bubbles, but everyone wants to know why celebrities can’t stay together. I’ll tell you why! Celebrity marriages and bath bubbles are neither one made of something solid. Bubbles are just soap and water. Celebrities are drugged up time bombs. Personally, I’d rather read about bubbles. Excuses me, my bath is getting cold.

peace out!



  1. I love you bubble quote!!!! Did I ever tell you, you are funny? LOVE IT!!

  2. no you never did tell me that! lol thanks :)