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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, nothing like last minute rush to get you motivated! I've been sulking around for months, trying to motivate myself to rewrite my novel, and have simply lack almost all motivation to even look over it. Last night, something hit me. I had been writing a scene in my mind for some time and I just finally kicked into gear and started writing. It looks like I might actually meat my June deadline! I'm so excited! I can tell a lot of improvement over the first draft and I think the second will be much longer too. I'm adding at least one more significant character, and he should change the course of the story up quite a bit, but at this point, it wouldn't work without him :) I still think it will be a trilogy, but I really have no idea how it will end. I don't know if any of you have ever written a book, but for me at least, I seem to have little control of my characters. They make choices that I don't like and do things that really turn the story as I planned it upside down. They have already ruined my original draft with a few twists of their own :) lol this is so much fun! It's almost more like reading a book or watching a movie, except you know the people in the story so much better then you would if someone else had written it! My favorite part is when people ask how it ends, and I can honestly say "I don't know." My character fell in love, I didn't plan that. She doesn't like the boy I gave her to like, that's a big problem. It is pretty cool for me to be able to look at my book and draw parallels with my main character and myself. I didn't intentionally base her off of me (Except the exceptionally beautiful part. That was intentional ;) but I can definitely see bits of me in her.That's pretty neat...

lol that was probably pretty confusing to everyone huh? That's me trying to explain writing to you :) I wonder if all novelists feel the same way I do about it?


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