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Thursday, May 14, 2009

There's a snake in my house!

or at least there was until I put him out :)

I was on the phone with my mom yesterday while she was at the store and as I walked into the front room I noticed a snake slithering across the floor. Now, we live in the country and snakes are not all that uncommon. (I have never found one in the house before though) I just walked right on past with a simple thought of "Oh neat a snake." I hadn't gotten very far before I realized what I had just seen and did a double take. this time my though was more along the lines of: "OH MY GOSH A SNAKE!!" In fact I'm pretty sure I said that bit aloud, into the phone and hung up. I picked him up and put him back outside were I assumed he'd be happier. Mom called back.

Mom: "Did you say a SNAKE?"

Me: "Yeah but he's gone now."


Me "Not anymore."

Mom "Uhhh... elaborate please. Was it just crawling across the floor?"

Well he wasn't crawling since that would require legs (Something snakes lack for all you city slickers ;) but yes, he seemed quite cool about the whole thing... except maybe the being thrown outside bit...



  1. Wow Mikey, you are so calm and collected..... I would have probably been standing on a chair and screaming!! I love it, you just picked up and put it outside. lol.

  2. I would of freaked out! That is funny and scary at the same time.

  3. lol well he wasn't very big and I have been bitten before, so it really wasn't a big deal considering :)