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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday is Library Day

weird tital huh?

On Thursdays I volunteer at the library which is not nearly as boring as it sounds. The last couple of weeks I shelved books with a girl from juvenile corrections and she thought I was "doing time" because no one in their right mind would volunteer. She is correct of course. I am not in my right mind and more importantly I was volunteered by my mother and dragged into the situation against my will. I do not even have a library card.

The experience has not been as boring as I anticipated though. Librarians are cool. What's more they are robot like machines when it comes to books. They know and have read every book in the library. They know where they are, they know who wrote them and they know what they are about! Librarians are also excellent for kicking drunk hobos off the couch in the teen section which is reserved for teens! And yes, I was the one who told on that old man because I am pretty sure his lumber jack snore was violating the "quite in the library" rule.

Well today as I was shelving books, I got my first digits. Yeah I know, shocker. This kid was reading while I shelved books and must have thought I was totally lost and had never been in a library before or I had OCD. Either way, I have no idea why he decided to talk to me. Our conversation went as so:
Him “What book are you looking for?”
Me: I’ve been straightening books for ten minuets. Clearly I’m trying to work here! “Umm, actually I am just straightening. I’m doing community service.” (Shows him name tag.) He leaves and comes back ten minuets later and pulls a book out of order:
Him: “oops my bad”
Me: I have to straighten that you idiot! ”haha”
Him: “Aren’t you going to straighten that?”
Me: “Nope. But if you do it again I’ll throw you out of the Library” (Which I can’t actually do but it sounded mean.)
Him: “Do you know where I can find the LOTR books?”
Me: “Nope”

The Librarian swoops in and helps him out. I swear she knows where everything is!

Him: “Where do you go to school?”
Me: “I don’t. I stabbed a kid with a pencil and he died so I got expelled.”
*dramatic pause*
“Where do you go to school?”
Him: “I don’t but I want to go to trade school and become a welder.”
Me: “Hmm… I knew a welder once. He moved to Alaska and froze to death. His body was eaten by rabid polar bears.”
Him “Yeah… What’s your name?”
Me: *looks dramatically at name tag which reads “Shannyn =)”* “uhh…. Mikaela.”
Him: “I’m Ray”
Me: “Hi.”
Him “Here” *hands me number scrawled hastily on torn piece of library book* “In case you ever want to hang out or talk or whatever.”
Me: “Is it the suicide hotline?”
Him: “That’s my number.”

Soo…. Yeah, apparently my “Ahh you are bugging me go away and leave me alone!” vibes are not working properly. I’ll have to get them checked.

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