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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homeschoolers are either really good or really bad

Homeschoolers are either really good or really bad – The public school opinion of our secret lives.

So according to one boy I spoke with, there are two kinds of homeschoolers. There are the long haired ones with denim skirts and ankle socks who can’t form an acceptable sentence in a public situation and then there are the druggies who got kicked out of school for terrible grades and threatening letters describing how they want to burn down buildings and beat up small children and kittens. Both kinds I have met, and both are very “homeschooler” but I was amused to find that according to public schooled kids there is no middle ground. The situation:

While working a craft show, Shannyn and I had a little down time to ourselves and decided to take a trip to the concession stand. We had both been working all day and had just had a couple Venti double shot frapp`s…. and the boy working the concession stand was cute (says Shannyn) so we got to talking:

Him “So where do you go to school?”
Me: “We don’t.”
Him *disbelief*
Shannyn “We’re homeschooled.” *glares at me*
Him: “Oh, do you like it?”
Me: “No school? Yeah, it’s great.”
Shannyn: “Yes” *launches into explanation on the benefits of homeschooling*
Shannyn: “I get asked all the time if we get to do school in our pajamas or if I get to sleep till noon…. It gets kinda old.”
Him: “I always thought that homeschoolers were either ‘really good’ or ‘really bad’”
Me *nods thoughtfully*
Shannyn “That’s probably pretty accurate.”
Me: “I always assumed that public schooled kids wore black eye liner and ripped jeans around their ankles. I always assumed they were mentally incompetent and didn’t know how to wear their baseball caps.”
Him: “haha I think it’s funny that you think I know what ‘incompetent means.”
Me: “and… I rest my case.”
Him “So which are you?” *looks from Shannyn to me* “Really good or really bad?”
Shannyn: “uhhh…. Well-“
Me: “Good. I have really never done anything bad in my life. In fact, the only reason I’m homeschooled is because of that one boy in English comp. who wouldn’t stop stealing my answers on tests. I stabbed the jerk in the face and he got lead poisoning. I got expelled and had to spend three months in Juvenile detention… but I escaped. After that I decided to stay out of the public school system.”
Him: *nervously* “Uhh… haha”
Me: *smiles* “Are these brownies free?”
Him: “Sure. Here take all you want.”


  1. Did he really give you brownies for free???

  2. No, he didn't but his mom did. They were closing up

  3. it was his father Shannyn. The man with the grey hair was his father.