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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter is a wonderful holiday. I love to reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made and the victory He won. This year our family did a devotional walk through Jesus’s life leading up to the resurrection.

We had to straighten out Shain, who, on hear “Christ carried his cross to Calvary hill.” Chimed in with: “I thought he died on Boot hill?”
“Uhh… no.”
“Well who did then?”
“I don’t know, John Wayne maybe.”

And then there was Lance who had the creative idea of building our own cross to put in the front yard. It was nice. Dad and the boys worked hard building that cross and placing it in the front yard. I never suspected he had alternative motive till later when I heard mom yelling out the front door:
“Hey! Don’t crucify your brother! Put that hammer DOWN!”

Saturday evening we read about Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. It was no surprise then that the boys knew the story well enough to correct the pastor, on Sunday morning.

Happy Easter everyone, I hope yours was as exciting as mine.

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