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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Lord of the Jungle Book Land

IT is tradition in the Spaulding household to read a bed time story before putting the littles to bed. We have read through Dr. Doolittle, the Chronicles of Narnia, Huckleberry Finn and the current favorite: The Jungle Book. In a house of 12 kids, it is sometimes hard to keep your stories straight and this led to some confusion at the dinner table tonight.

Shannyn: "I have a pet dragon."
Elyse: :"Does is say 'RAWR'?"
Shannyn: "No, it camouflages. it says "Baaa" (We live on a dairy goat farm for anyone who didn't already know.)
Shannyn: "I feed it goats."
Mom: "one of the animals in the jungle book eats goats. Khan maybe."
Me: "Ohh I remember that book. My favorite character was the cobra that ate all the monkeys!"
Kyndra: "It was a boa."
Mom: "AHH!!! We haven't gotten that far yet!"
Me: "It wasn't a boa. it was a cobra and it ate all the monkeys after ripping down a wall and hypnotizing them all."
Kyndra:"Do you remember that one 'Jungle Book' movie where the boa was more like a dragon and it burrowed under the gold in the cave and ate people who came for the gold?"
Me "OHHH YEAH! Except for that one little guy who he couldn't see. Then the dragon snake woke up and flew out of the cave and the man in the water town shot him with his special arrow and he fell into the river and died."
Shain: "OH right and then the elves and goblins got in a fight and the dwarves died and then the eagles came and took moglei back to his town where he adapted and learned to live with the people."
Shannyn: "But then he went mad and chased a rabbit into a hole and got little."
Mom: "Then big."
Me: "then little again."
Shain: "And there was a war with the wicked queen and the mad hatter."
Me: "Off with he head - the end"
Kyndra:"...I don't think it happened that way. you guys must have your stories mixed up."

Somebody look it up. I'm pretty sure we fit Lord of the Rings, The Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland all into one 6 minute conversation

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