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Thursday, January 26, 2012


First day back to school is always a lot of fun (I guess. this was actually my first time "back") I have a few rules for setting the pace for the school year and announcing myself to the classroom.


1. find something profound your psych professor says and disagree. Start up a debate, even if you know you are wrong and WIN. example:

Prof. Kim: "If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it. Does it still make a sound? show of hands."
The whole class room (except for me) *raises hand*
Prof. Kim(clearly not seeing my limp hand) "So does anyone think it doesn't make a sound?"
Me: "I!!" *raises hand and stands up on chair* (When you are the only one, be sure to make yourself seem bigger)
Prof. Kim: "Ohh... umm... why do you say that?"
Me: well... I don't actually know, but I needed to make a splash in this class.... say something profound! "If you can't hear it... is it actually a sound? The definition of 'sound' is 'noise' or 'The sensation stimulated in the organs caused by hearing'. so if nobody hears it, it isn't sound."
Prof Kim: ".... that's right!"

Rule #2. Confuse the your English comp professor.

There is an unspoken rule in college: Sit in the same seat. Always. no matter what. this allows for the professors to associate you with a wall, window or table you like to sit by. I theorize that this will affect how your professor feels about you based on whether you choose to sit in his direct line of vision, by the ugly picture of hands on the wall, or in the sunlight so he can never see you without squinting. I decided to switch things up. First I sit in the back (twice... just to confuse him) then I move to the front. Then I move to the seat I sat in all of last semester. Walking into class on day 4 and 3rd seat, the professor decides to address my rebellion against "the rule".
Professor Cleek: "Umm... Mikaela, do you feel more 'at home' back at your old desk?"
Me: "Well, I just like to switch it up. I can never tell if you know my name because you actually know my name or if you know my name because I always sit in the same seat when you call role."
Prof. Cleek: "Actually I remember you as the girl who claimed to write an entire novel in 15 days, introduced yourself to the class as "Felicia Fancybottom", and wrote an essay about why Bigfoot was real."

Pshh.. yeah I did!

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