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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Novel

Here is an excerpt from my novel, "The Prophecy". I'm just starting to rewrite and revise. Hopefully I'll have it ready for publication by June :) Let me know what you think!

The night was cool. The promise of winter was on the soft autumn breeze as it gently swept over the Land of Eldgar and brushed along the cold stone walls of the ancient stone castle, as it stood alone in the shadow of more glorious days. Once it had been an impenetrable fortress, with the Mynca forest creating a natural barrier on three sides, forcing foolish enemies to attack from the open plains of the North. But now three cloaked intruders dashed undetected to the protection of the shadow incasing the outer wall…
Chapter 1
Shila tossed restlessly on her thin cot, her sleep plagued by dreams.
The smoke began to lift around the village and Shila could see the bodies lying in the street, and the houses which now sat mostly in charred smoldering heaps. Cold black eyes scanned the remains emotionlessly, and slowly, a grin of smug satisfaction crept across Shila’s bronzed features. “This” she thought in her dream. “Is what becomes of those who withstand the Wizards. “ a slight movement caught the odd eyes of Shila’s dream figure and she turned to see a small girl, dirt smudging her tear streaked face. Shila looked into the sad dark eyes and saw her life, all the wickedness of her actions, play across the girls round face. Unable to pull away, Shila found herself overwhelmed by a sense of empty despair. “Is this how you want to be remembered, Shila?”
The soft wind blew through the window and briefly caressed the face of the restless girl, gently brushing her sun kissed face and rustling her dark auburn locks. The slight touch woke Shila from her restless sleep and even as her eyes opened the girl was leaping nimbly out of bed. Crouching near the wall like a cornered animal, Shila’s quick black eyes scanned the dark room, examining every shadow for signs of danger. They were the eyes of a well trained hunter, cold, careful and calculating. Finally, Shila relaxed somewhat and stood to her full five feet six inches. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Shila walked towards her window overlooking the forest.
As she stared out at the turning leaves of the ancient gnarled trees, Shila’s hard black eyes softened. It had been her home once, before she had been brought to live here in the ancient castle Bulwark with the dark Lord Cain. Shila scowled at the thought of her mysterious teacher. It had taken Shila some time to get used to his tall frame and pale skin, but what frightened her most about Cain was his eyes, flat yellow orbs with thin slitted pupils. “Like a snakes.” Shila often thought. The man was a powerful wizard and master swordsman. Under him, Shila had become an exceptional swordsman, and powerful warrior, but she felt no pride or joy towards her accomplishments. Instead, she felt like a prisoner, held against her will and forced to serve the wizards, destroying anyone who dared to defy them.
As Shila stared out the window a vivid memory flashed before her eyes. Two small children ran through the woods, their childish laughter blending with the songs of the birds and the babble of the clear brook to create a sweet harmony. This was a common image to Shila who seemed to think of her childhood more and more.
Another gust of wind blew through the open window, and Shila tilted her chin to catch the cool air on her face. Looking down Shila glimpsed her reflection in the water basin below her. The moonlight shone into the smooth bowl reflecting off the clear still water, revealing Shila’s face to herself. She examined her own small nose and full lips with the little interest. She ran a finger over the white scare on her right eyebrow and touched her long auburn curls with a single finger. Shila’s own black eyes peered back at her from the moonlit reflection.
A reflection in the bowl made Shila turn quickly, and her quite moment was shattered as she turned to face an intruder.


  1. WOW! It's so suspenseful! What is the story line? You are a great writer!

  2. Oh thanks CGNarnia! I think the question I ask with the story is, do you control your own destiny or is it decided for you? The "Prophecy" is actually the first in a series. I think I can have it published in June. I'll let you know how that works out :) Lots of editing has to happen first! lol

  3. Check out this site: it is a guy posting his novels and stories, I think you'll like it.

  4. PS - I haven't read them all - so I can't guarantee content and as usual... I make no recommendations, so if that previous comment sounded like it was a recommendation. It wasn't. It's all in your head. ;-)

  5. That is really great....I have wrote a novel as well and wanted to try and get it published. May I ask how you are going about doing that? You can email and explain if you want.