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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Two Year Olds Logic

My little sister Natylee has a hard road ahead of her. The second youngest of eleven children and too bossy for her own good. To bad for her, she'll only ever have one little sister to boss around. Anyway, today in the car ride home, I listened to her talking to Tamara. The conversation went something like this.

Natylee screeches at her brother, and threatens to kill him.

Tamara. "Natylee, that is not ok!You need to be nice to your brother. Why did you do that?"

Natylee. "Because."

Tamara. "Because... what?"

Natylee. "Because"

Tamara. "No, because is not an answer. Tell me why."

Natylee. "Because why."

You just can't win an argument with a two year old.

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