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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A bad story with an... interesting moral

Today is Thursday. That is right, Library Day! Well today Shannyn and I sat in the back room where only the Librarians are allowed. (We get to wear special passes around our necks that say we are allowed. They are in the cabinet by the information desk if you ever want to scope it out) It is possible we were on a top secret special mission for the Amazing Librarian Ladies… or it is possible we were hiding from creepy crow nosed boys in hoodies. Whichever it was is irrelevant.

After hours of ripping stickers off of books so that Shannyn could put them back on, I came up with the brilliant idea of telling stories to entertain ourselves. (Libraries are so quite)

Shannyn: “Once upon a time-“
Me: “That’s no good. You have to make it original.”
Shannyn: “Fine. One day… not so long ago… far far but not to far away lived three little… frogs- blab la bla” – interesting story about three little frogs with a fear of mushrooms.

Me: “No good. It didn’t have a moral. Yesterday there was born on earth three human children. Boys (because 53% of the children born are boys.) They grew up to be very different. One little boy worked hard. He was highschool quarterback and got straight As in all his classes. The second little boy was a nerd. He sat in front of his computer all day long and played games till his eyes bulged out of his head and his back stooped and his fingers were constantly in a slightly curled position, poised to press the space bar at a moments notice. The third little boy was a rebel. He dyed his hair black and had to many earrings. He liked to dress in baggy clothes and deal drugs in the ally behind the school. They grew up. The first little boy became a doctor. He cured the common cold and cancer. The second little boy developed a social network for nerds like himself who had no real social life. The third little boy became a bank robber. Which one made a billion dollars first?”
Shannyn: “The robber”
Me: “Wrong. The little boy with the internet did. The moral of this story is ‘geeks always come out on top.’ The thought provoking question is: ‘is it worth it since he has poor posture and no friends?’”

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