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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Creeps on the street

Creeps on the street

Everyone knows there are some creeps out there. Some real weirdos. Today as I was driving down a deserted country road with Shannyn and Layne, I wondered across two little boys, no more than 10 years old. They were just wondering down the street, and as we drove past, one of the little boys stuck his thumb in the air, hitchhiker style. As I drove past, I got an idea. We were in the black crown victoria, a mafia car if I’ve ever seen one, and the trunk fits two bodies (intact). Well, I convinced Layne to hop in the trunk and Shannyn and I turned back around and drove back to the boys. As we got close, I slowed and rolled down the window. The sun gleamed off my terminator glasses and Shannyn flashed them a creepy grin.
“Hey, need a ride, boys?” I asked.
I got out and walked around to the trunk explaining as I rounded the car. We don’t have any room in the back seat, but you can ride back here if you want.” As the trunk lid popped, Layne let out a scream.
“Oops!” I called as Shannyn came join me. “I forgot about him. Shannyn, get the ‘forget me’ stick.” Shannyn came around with her club and smacked the inside of the trunk. Layne shut up instantly and I turned to the boys.
“Where too?” I asked beckoning in an open and friendly manner.
They must not have needed a ride very badly because they turned and ran back the way they had come.


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  2. that is completely awesome and I can see Layne totally being up for participating